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8L90 / 10L90 Tap Shift & Reverse Light CAN Relay Kit
8L90 / 10L90 Tap Shift & Reverse Light CAN Relay Kit

Our Price: $300.00

We have finally developed a solution to enable the tap shift and reverse light function when using an 8L90E or 10L90E in your swap project!

This CAN relay kit provides a +12V reverse light signal to your vehicle's back up lights. Works with 8L90E / 10L90E transmissions.

This CAN relay kit also provides Tap Shift support! Requires the use of our Tap Shift Switch Box or 8L90 Floor Mount Tap Shifter to take advantage of this function. If using a 10L90E transmission in your swap project, use our Tap Shift Switch Box as the floor shifter is NOT currently compatible with the 10L90E!

Tap Shift is enabled when you shift into manual mode (M), which is one gear below drive (D). To exit manual mode, simply shift back up into drive and the transmission will resort back to regular automatic shifting conditions.

Disclaimer: You must be running the E92 ECM with a Corvette OS to gain full functionality of the Tap Shift. Tap Shift will still function in DRIVE mode with non Corvette based tunes, but will time out after approximately 8 seconds of inactivity, and resume back to automatic gear changes.

Easy to wire in, every wire labeled, and comes with an instruction sheet.

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