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Speartech 91 Z28 LS9 Supercharged
Speartech 91 Z28 LS9 Supercharged
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Speartech 91 Z28 LS9

John originally purchased this 1991 Z28 back around 2001 as a nice bone stock example of a 3rd Gen Z28. He removed the 350 Tuned Port engine shortly after purchasing and put in an LS1/4L60E powerplant. This was back in the early days of LSX swaps, so much so that no one called them "LSX" yet!!

After doing a simple cam and converter upgrade he managed a solid 11.8 quarter mile time out of it. Later, he put a Maggie MP-112 S/C on it and a 408 cubic inch block and ran consistent 10.7s at the strip at a measly 4 pounds of boost (running smallest pulley available, the ole Maggie was just out of breath).

In 2009 he was looking for a bit more power and had the idea to fit an LS9 S/C onto it. The LS9 S/C is a TVS-2300 unit which should supply the boost he was looking for, all the while being very unique in the process. He installed a pair of LS3/L92 West Coast Cylinder Heads and the new LS9 S/C onto his 408 c.i. block. This netted him 610 whp & 565 wtq on a Mustang dyno. At the track, his best time with the new setup was a 9.7 at 141 mph with a 1.4 60 foot.

Not too shabby for a relatively simple yet efficient progression of the car. In addition to being a fun 9 second car he drove to the track and back, no trailer, the car has served as a development vehicle for our LS9/LSA harness packages. We sorted all the hard stuff out with this vehicle and is one of the reasons we lead the way for complete LS9 and LSA control systems for those looking to swap them into their projects, and have them work correctly!

Drag Racing - 9.7 @ 141
610 whp - Mustang Dyno Pull

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