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7/13/2017: Rework ordering temporarily suspended. No ETA on when we will start doing them again. We are too covered up with building new harnesses to do reworks at this time. Give us a call to get your harness order in the works - (765) 378-4908

Now you can setup your harness rework service online!

If you have a factory based LSx engine wiring harness and would like it to be converted (or reworked) into a simple to install standalone harness for your swap project, we offer what you're looking for. We go through the harness and remove everything you don't need, allowing for a quick and easy install for your project. All harnesses are tested upon completion on one of several engines in our shop with a GM Tech 2 Diagnostic Scan Tool to ensure 100% proper harness function. Hook-up wiring instructions are included with every rework.

In addition to removing the un-needed items, we'll also add our fuse block, fuel pump relay, diagnostic port with check engine light, throttle pedal wiring (when applicable), and bring out labeled wires for speedometer, tach, fan control, brake switch, etc.

We only need the engine harness and PCM/ECM (if reprogramming) to complete a rework. We do not need sensors, throttle pedals, chassis harnesses, battery cables, fuse boxes, etc., unless we have otherwise advised you per a conversation. If you're unsure what to send/not to send, just send it all and we will dispose of what isn't needed.

Make sure you are happy where the PCM/ECM will mount with your factory harness. We cannot add length to the main trunk of the harness for custom computer placement. Also, make sure you are happy with the routing of the factory harness. If you're changing the intake manifold, the routing and appearance will not be optimal, as the harness is setup for the factory manifold. We would advise you to order a new custom harness if this is of concern to you.

We no longer change transmission wiring FROM manual TO auto. If you have a factory engine harness for a manual, but you're running an automatic in your project, we'll be glad to build you a new harness for your specific setup or you can source an appropriate factory harness suited for your setup.

Please read the descriptions thoroughly before submitting your order. Available options are explained in detail once you click on the product's page.

Approximate turnaround time once we receive your harness is about 3-5 weeks.

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Gen 5 L83 (5.3L) / L86 (6.2L) Rework Service
Our Price: $750.00
Ordering temporarily suspended
24x Gen-4 Rework Service
Our Price: $630.00
Ordering temporarily suspended
58x Rework Service
Our Price: $630.00
Ordering temporarily suspended
24x Rework Service
Our Price: $530.00
Ordering temporarily suspended
Cable-X Speedometer Adapter
Our Price: $340.00
Corvette ETC Pedal
Our Price: $125.00
GM LS-Series Engines: The Complete Swap Manual By Joseph Potak
List Price: $27.99
Our Price: $24.99
Sale Price: $24.99
Savings: $3.00
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