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This is the spot for various automotive related parts that we have around the shop for sale.

All "Garage Sale Harnesses" will be setup and ran on one of our many test engines in the shop with a GM diagnostic scan tool prior to shipping to ensure proper functionality.
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LS1/T56 (Gen 4 Block - Cable Throttle) Standalone Wiring Harness (New)
Our Price: $700.00

New Speartech LS1/T56 standalone wiring harness for use with Gen 4 block; LS2 MAF connector, Front CAM, Delphi MAP connector, LS2 style intake manifold, cable throttle setup. For use with Red/Blue PCM (not included). LS1 relocated knock sensor connectors, 1-wire A/C for use with Vintage Air style systems.

We will setup and test run the harness on one of our engines before shipping to ensure proper functionality.
LS3 Oil Pan
Our Price: $140.00

New LS3 crate engine oil pan take offs. Includes pan, gasket, pick up tube, and bolts. Original application shows Camaro, PPV, G8, and SS Sedan, but will fit any LS engine.

What you see here is what you get.

10 available.
C6 Z06 Intake
Our Price: $125.00

OEM C6 Z06 intake take-offs. Three are available.  One is labeled as Delphi, two are labeled Toledo Mfg.  All three have MAF sensors and air filters.  What you see is what you get.  Worthwhile upgrade for those with LS3 Vettes as these do not have the sound deadening chamber on the side.  If you have a preference between a Delphi labeled intake or Toledo Mfg. labeled intake, please state which one you want in the order notes.
LT4 Supercharger Lid
Our Price: $100.00

Brand new LT4 Supercharger lid.  Complete with all bolts.  Direct replacement for pre 2017 LT4 engines.  Or would make a cool item to hang up in your shop/garage.
Truck to Vette ETC Pedal Adapter
Our Price: $45.00

Quickly and easily adapt your harness that was setup for the truck electronic throttle pedal to the Corvette electronic throttle pedal. If you're switching due to space constraints or just find yourself liking the Vette pedal better, this plugs directly into your harness built for the truck ETC pedal connector and the other end goes right to the Vette pedal. Plug and play.

Works only with 58x-Gen 4 harness/electronics. Free shipping to US (USPS Priority).

4 Pin Alternator Connector with Pigtail
Our Price: $25.00

Brand new in OEM packaging.  4 pin alternator connector with pigtail and crimp terminals.  Ships free in USA.  4 available. Price listed is for one.  GM Part 15306009
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