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  •                                                 Speartech  Plug and Play Cruise Control Wiring

    The Speartech plug and play cruise control setup makes hooking up your cruise control quick and easy.

    The throttle T-harness plugs in at the throttle pedal.  Unplug the engine harness from the pedal and install the T-harness onto the pedal, and then plug the engine harness to the other side of the T. Then plug the small connector on the other end into the cruise control module.  Note: After the T-harness is installed, the cruise module must be plugged in or there will be no throttle when you turn the key on.

    Next, install your function switch.  This installs onto or in place of your turn signal stalk, or it can be remote mounted depending the style of switch chosen.  The other end of the function switch plugs into the cruise control module.

    The purple wire coiled up is used for a cruise engagement light (not provided).  It is a negative (-) signal for an LED bulb.  This will turn on the bulb when cruise is active.  This is an optional hook-up and not required for the cruise system to function.


    Finally, install the power harness by plugging one end into the connector on the engine harness labeled "cruise control" and the other end into the cruise control module.  The wires in the engine side connector are:

      5- Ignition (pink/black)

      6- Ground  (black)

      7- Battery (orange)

      8- Vehicle Speed (yellow)

      9- N/C

    10- Brake Signal (light blue)


    That's all that is needed for automatic transmission applications.


    For manual transmission applications the brake switch wire and clutch switch wires are rolled up loosely and will need to be hooked up directly to the brake/clutch switches.


    The light blue brake switch wire hooks to the same place as the brake light wire, so that the wire sees 12-volts when the brake switch is depressed.


    The clutch switch disengage comes with two wires depending on how your clutch switch is wired. You only need to use one of the wires.

    The yellow/black clutch switch wire will cancel the cruise control when 12-volts are applied to it.

    The white clutch switch wire will disengage the cruise control when it is grounded.

    Depending on how your factory clutch switch is wired, a small relay may need to be added to make one of the above stated conditions true.

    After hookup be sure to test the disengage features of the cruise control in a safe area.  If you have hooked something up incorrectly and the cruise doesn't disengage by brake or clutch pedal, you can always turn the cruise off from the function switch.

LED Brake Light Schematic