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LS 58x Harness Package (4L60E / 4L70E / 4L80E)
LS 58x Harness Package (4L60E / 4L70E / 4L80E)
A harness package for those using an LS 58x engine paired with a 4L60E, 4L70E, or 4L80E transmission.

  • Speartech standalone wiring harness with labeled connectors & hook-up wires
  • Programmed ECM
  • Programmed T42 TCM
  • ETC Pedal
  • Harness grommet
  • Instructions
Starting Price: $1,795.00

Availability:: Please see the 'Contact Info' section for current lead times on harnesses.


Emissions Wiring*:

Displacement of Engine*:

Air Conditioning*:

MAF Style*:

Year/Model of Donor Vehicle*:


Special Notes:

Add MAF Sensor?:

Add O2 Sensors?:

Cruise Control:

This section provides detailed descriptions of the options available to you when ordering a harness. This will follow the "Choose Your Options" area above.

Engine: Select the engine you will be using for your project.

Emissions Wiring: Our harnesses come standard with no emissions wiring (Post CAT O2s, Purge, EVAP, etc.). If your project requires emissions, you can select what you need here. All harnesses come with pre-cat O2 wiring, as these are required for proper operation.

Air Conditioning: If you are planning to use air conditioning with your project, then you want to select "Yes" here.

MAP Style: Select which MAP you will be using.

On most LS-58x engines, the MAP is located on the front passenger side of the intake manifold, near the throttle body. There are 2 styles, Bosch and Delphi.

This is the Bosch MAP style:

This is the Delphi MAP style:

MAF Style: This is where you select which MAF you will be using. If you need an LS2 or LS3 MAF sensor, you can add it to your cart below in the "Add MAF Sensor" section.

Determining Your MAF Style

This is the LS2 MAF:

This is the LS3/LS7 MAF:

This is the L92 MAF:

Transmission: Select the transmission you will be using with your project.

Special Notes: This is the area you will want to use to let us know about anything that would be important to us to know when making your harness. Such as which intake manifold you're using if not using the one that comes stock on your engine - like if you're using a car style intake manifold on your truck engine. Or if you're using a "Hi-Ram" style manifold. Anything that may affect connector placement, etc.

Let us know the Year/Make/Model your engine and transmission came from, as well as the Year/Make/Model of the vehicle you are swapping this into.

This is also the place to include any engine modifications (Cam, headers, etc.) as well as your gear ratio and tire size, if known. If gear ratio/and or tire size is not known, everything will still operate satisfactorily, but shift points and speedometer may be slightly off. This info helps us program the ECM specific to your vehicle.

Add MAF Sensor: You can add the appropriate MAF sensor for your harness here.

Also available - Our complete LSx swap air intake kit.

Includes aluminum tube with MAF bung and screws, elbow and clamps, PCV air tube, and a K&N air filter. A quick and easy way to get your project up and running! More info here. Available with a raw aluminum MAF tube.

Add O2 Sensors: You can add on a pair of the proper front O2s for your harness. Just select "Yes" and we'll include the correct set for your harness!

Cruise Control: Add this option to have your cruise control system integrated into the harness for plug & play hook up!

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