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8 Speed 8L90 Tap Shift Switch Kit

8 Speed 8L90 Tap Shift Switch Kit

Product Code: 8L90tapshift
Don't want to switch to a custom shifter, but still want tap shift with your 8L90 swap project? That's OK! This tap shift / reverse light kit will operate with any aftermarket or OE shifter. Just add this switch kit to allow for tap up/tap down shifting capability. The switch can be mounted any place that's convenient for you.

8L90 Tap Shift Kit for swapped vehicles using the GM 8 Speed 8L90 transmission paired to a Gen 5 LT/Vortec engine and want the option of having Tap Shift function using a momentary toggle switch.

This kit includes the momentary toggle switch for up and down shifts, 8L90 tap shift CAN relay with reverse light function, and instruction sheet.

Tap Shift will only operate with a Corvette calibration in the ECM / TCM.

Please contact us at (765) 378-4908 before ordering if you have a different calibration for potential solutions.