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  • Direct Injected Information (GDI)

    Fuel Control

    We recommend utilizing the GM PWM fuel pump setup. This is a return-less setup and requires the proper GM Fuel pump, a fuel pump computer, and an inline fuel pressure sensor be used. Rick’s tanks can supply you a fuel tank with the pump already mounted for easy installation. We can supply you the fuel pump computer and -6AN inline fuel pressure sensor for $250.00.

    Various Camaro tunes require a different fuel module that we call the fuel supply control module. This module on select Camaro tunes is $350.00 and includes the programmed fuel supply control module and -6AN inline fuel pressure sensor.

    If you aren’t using the factory GM fuel system then we install a traditional relay on your harness and you need to set your fuel pressure to 72PSI. GM recommends a fuel pump capable of delivering 340 LPH for a fuel pump relay setup on Gen V engines.


    We recommend using Dakota Digital Gauges for all direct injected engine swaps since they have a module that can extract the data for speed, tach, oil pressure, and water temperature from the diagnostic port. The Gen V E92 ECM doesn’t have a speed output wire and most of the time doesn’t have a functional tach output signal. So CAN Bus gauges is the recommended route.

    Fan Control

    Option 1: The direct injected computer only has an output wire for a variable speed fan or PWM fan controller. You can’t wire up the computers fan control output to a traditional relay on a E92 ECM. This requires you to source your own PWM fan controller or install a newer late model GM Fan from the pullout that has the PWM fan controller built in. If you want the computer to control the fan when A/C is on you will need to install the GM A/C hi-pressure sensor in the A/C line using sensor part number 22664328. (uncommon add-on)

    Option 2 (most common): Dakota Digital also sells a fan controller add-on when using their gauges along with their BIM 01-2 module. This will give you the ability to use a traditional relay for fan control, set the on/off temperature yourself, and Dakota’s fan controller also has A/C control over-ride. The controller has Bluetooth capability to set the fan on/off temperature or you can use the display on the controller. The Dakota Fan controller is by far the most common way our customers go when controlling the fan on a GDI swap.

    Front End Accessories

    Factory Direct injected engines lack hydraulic power steering. So, if you are planning to install a new front-end accessory drive to provide you with hydraulic power steering then we need to know which manufacturer you choose. There are several options on the market. Holley, Wegner Automotive, Billet Specialties, KWIK Performance, Dirty Dingo, CVF Racing, Drive Junky, etc. We don’t support the factory GM A/C compressor on a Gen V engine swap. Most of the aforementioned FEAD kits provide you a Sanden compressor.

    Transfer Case (if applicable)

    We can never support an electronic transfer case during a swap. So, it would be your responsibility to adapt a manual transfer case to the transmission. Unfortunately, we also don't have any inputs to tell the ECM/TCM when you are 4WD lo.

    Emissions Wiring and Layout

    Full emissions wiring is available for an additional fee. Custom layouts are also available for an additional fee. Your quoted harness cost is for our standard layout which has a 42" harness trunk length measuring from the passenger side rear head for the computer to mount under-the-dash area. Although our 42" may reach an ideal location under-the-seat or under-the-hood the default layout is setup for under-dash. Again, custom layouts are available if needed to put the computer in a different location.

    Optional Add-ons

    We offer several add-ons depending upon which specific engine/transmission you are running. We have floor shifters, small tap shift boxes, neutral safety switches, reverse light relays, cruise control etc. Some exclusions apply and the specific tune that is used determines which modules can and can’t be used. Please let us know what add-ons you are interested in and we can discuss your options more thoroughly.

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