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LT5/10 Speed Control System Package

LT5/10 Speed Control System Package

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Product Code: LT510speedcontrol
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Say hello to 755 horsepower and goodbye to the competition!

Now available are our complete LT5 / 10 speed control systems! Over a year of development went in to get this combo functioning properly together. The factory never offered an LT5 / 10 speed option, but with the popularity we've seen with our current 10 speed offerings, we knew we had to get this working with the LT5.

We used our 1969 Chevy C10 as the test bed for this package, and the drivability is great, tap shift is fun, and the horsepower and torque is shocking.

Our LT5 / 10L control systems are all built here in house on our LT5 / 10L engine station and modules are programmed with our own custom calibration and test ran before shipping to ensure a properly functioning system is delivered to you and ready to install.

The control system includes:

Speartech standalone LT5 / 10 speed wiring harness
Programmed engine computer
Programmed transmission computer
Programmed auxiliary port injection and bypass valve controller
Wideband sensor
In-line fuel pressure sensor
Fuel Pump Control Module
Electronic throttle pedal
MAF sensor
Oxygen sensors

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