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LT1/L83/L86 with 10 Speed Standalone Harness

LT1/L83/L86 with 10 Speed Standalone Harness

Choose your options:
Fuel System:
Sending in ECM for reprogramming?(required):
Sending in TCM for reprogramming?(required):
Add MAF Sensor?:
Add O2 Sensors?:
Add NSS?:
Neutral Safety Switch for 10 speed automatics to prevent the vehicle from starting in gear.
Gear Ratio/Tire(required):
Cruise Control(optional):
Emissions Wiring(required):
Front End Drive(required):
Examples are Holley, Wegner, CVF Racing, Drive Junky, etc.
10L Tap Shifter:
Product Code: SA-LTx-10L90
Please see the 'Contact Info' section for current lead times on harnesses.
Standalone wiring harness for Gen 5 LT1/L86/L83/L8T engine using the 10 speed transmission.

Price is for the harness only. We can provide programmed ECM/TCM or reprogram your compatible modules when you select our
harness package option.

All online orders are for our default harness length. Our default harness length is approximately 42" from the passenger side rear head and mounts the modules under-the-dash. If you need a custom layout to mount the computer elsewhere, call to order.
*If you add a shifter to the order and you have a truck engine, fine tuning will likely be needed to get dialed in. Our tune is considered a start-up tune on truck engines with tap shift enabled due to the base tune we must program into the ECU's.